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Big Rights Debate on Union Island

Thanks to everyone who came to our event for SL’s Human Rights Festival on Monday. We had an ambitious plan to link senior international unionists in Brussels, Geneva and London, and it nearly worked!
We had two great presentations from Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, and Owen Tudor, Head of International for the [...]


The Big Rights Debate – Union Island, Monday 15 Dec

Discuss globalisation, human rights and labour rights with Philip Jennings (UNI Global Union GS), Zuzanna Gorska (Solidarnosc) and Owen Tudor (TUC).
Union Island is taking part in a huge, six day Second Life Human Rights Festival, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of Second Life’s leading musicians are [...]


Union Island comes to the TUC

It’s the UK union movement’s annual convention this week, in Brighton on the UK’s south coast. TUC Congress is the policy making body for the Trade Union Congress, and sets the priorities for the union movement’s work over the coming year.
This year, there’s a focus on online organising, with a fringe meeting on Web 2.0 [...]


Let’s talk union-busting

We’re getting ready to open doors on Monday 11th February, and here’s an invite to our first ever event!
The TUC and AFL-CIO believe that workers throughout the world should have the right to organise, and be represented by independent trade unions. the message to employers is clear. But in the US union [...]


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