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Today (6 March) is the international day of action to support Mansour Osanloo – have a look at to get involved. Union Island had a visitation from the crew to show their support. is an interesting project, based in Germany, using 5 publicly shared avatars to explore what happens when many people share one identity, rather than the individual and secret identities of other SL residents. Anyone can log in as one of the crew and contribute to the project. You can follow the adventures of (from left to right in the photo) , Matsuka Imako, Teedra Roussel, Jarvis Clavenham, Cecilia Lohner and Maxxx Illios at the blog – Who will be them (and who will they be?) tomorrow?

(hat tip – Second Travel)

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Free Osanloo! Tomorrow! Wed, 05 Mar 2008 10:05:57 +0000 Johninnit Ni Mansour Osanloo video in Second Life

Tomorrow is the ITF’s global day of action for Mansour Osanloo and other jailed union activists in Iran. Please spare a moment to visit and take all the actions there if you haven’t yet.

In SL you can pick up shirts and badges (and make sure to wear them around tomorrow), and view the film “Freedom Will Come” in Union Island reception.

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Have your say! Mon, 03 Mar 2008 14:11:44 +0000 Unionisland Republic Tomorrow is the first of our Union Island User Group meetings. It’s happening in the bar on Union Island, at 9am GMT (1am SLT) and 7pm GMT (11am SLT). Come along and have your say on what we do with the Union Island project.

We’re holding it twice to make it time-zone friendly, but you’re very welcome to either (or both) of the sessions. See you there!

UPDATE: We hope to have a presentation on Mansour Osanloo and the situation for unionists in Iran from Makulata Waco of the ITF at the 9am GMT session.

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We’re all wearing the badge! Mon, 25 Feb 2008 10:41:28 +0000 admin Free Osanloo supporter

Makulata Waco wearing the Free Osanloo shirt and badge. Taken from the ITF’s “I’m wearing the badge!” Flickr group.

If you get a badge, upload a snap to Flickr and let ITF know, so they can put you on the growing photo-wall of SL and RL campaigners for Mansour Osanloo.

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Free Osanloo! Tue, 19 Feb 2008 11:36:07 +0000 Johninnit Ni Osanloo campaign items

The ITF are planning an international day of action on March 6th, to campaign for the release of jailed Tehran bus workers union leader Mansour Osanloo.

In October 2007 Osanloo was sentenced to five years in prison on trumped up charges of endangering Iran’s national security and criticising the regime. However, the real reason that he has been targeted is as a member of a free trade union not controlled by the government. In fact, since the union was formed in June 2005, he has been arrested three times and spent more time in the notorious Evin Prison than out. His friends and family have serious worries about his health, and it’s urgent that he’s let out immediately to recuperate.

Get ready for the campaign with a badge or shirt. Hundreds of unionists worldwide are already wearing the badges, and posting their images to flickr. Now your avatar can get in on the act too.

You can find both of these at Union Island (slURL), in the freebie store.

Get more information on the campaign and take important online actions now at

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