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5 Photographers exhibition opens

We’re very excited about our first art exhibition on Union Island, and our gallery is now well and truly open! It’s hosting a LabourArts / Robert F Wagner Labor Archives exhibition called “5 Photographers”. Read more »

Free Osanloo!

Osanloo campaign items

The ITF are planning an international day of action on March 6th, to campaign for the release of jailed Tehran bus workers union leader Mansour Osanloo. Read more »

Talking unionbusting

audience listening to unionbusting discussion

Thanks to everyone who dropped by for our first event, a discussion on union busting with Paul Nowak of the TUC and Stewart Acuff of the AFL-CIO. Here’s a snap of avatars in our Union Island bar, listening to Paul Nowak discussing what practical steps the TUC and AFLCIO are doing to combat unionbusting, and especially the way that US unionbusting companies are increasingly crossing the pond to work for UK employers. Read more »

Only here for the beer

Virtual beer in our virtual bar, courtesy of the Workers’ Beer Company, a UK union company which raises funds for union projects. WBC organise beer tents at big music festivals such as Glastonbury, and recruit hundreds of volunteers to work there in exchange for a free event pass, earning thousands of pounds for union causes from the festival organisers – everyone wins. They also have a (very nice) pub in Clapham, London, called the Bread and Roses – check it out if you ever find yourself in Real Life!

Union Island open for business

union island is open

Union Island is now officially open – although in beta (which is fancy speak for “not finished yet”!). We’re still working on it, but wanted to let people in a soon as possible to get comments going. Drop by and let us know what you think. Relax with a beer and a game of pool, check out the exhibition and grab yourself some freebies. Click on the link below to teleport to the island

Teleport to Union Island

Let’s talk union-busting

We’re getting ready to open doors on Monday 11th February, and here’s an invite to our first ever event!

The TUC and AFL-CIO believe that workers throughout the world should have the right to organise, and be represented by independent trade unions. the message to employers is clear. But in the US union busting is big business. Employers routinely use ‘union avoidance’ consultants to prevent workers exercising their fundamental right to join and be represented by a union. Read more »

Opening soon…

Well, we’re nearly there, and are getting ready to open doors and see what people think of what we’ve done so far, and give us their thoughts on what should be happening. The beta opening is now scheduled for Monday 11th February.

Join the Union Island User Group in SL to be the first to get the announcement on Monday and the landmark to come visit!

Here is the news…

RSS screeens

Okay, this looks a little like a departure lounge, but it’s actually the place where Union Island and this blog meet. Using the magic of RSS, we can send details of the latest upcoming events and news from this blog onto the big screens in the reception building on the Island. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to keep up to date with what we’re up to – especially important to let people know about the events we’re planning. For another good way to stay up to date, join the Union Island User Group from within Second Life.

SL NGOs – the ‘how to’ guide

Rik Riel (Rik Panganiban) is a longstanding resident and SL commentator who also works with the Global Kids digital media project. He’s just published a report on his experiences and research into NGOs using Second Life, and how they can make the most of the environment to further their missions. You can download it via Rik’s blog – “The Click Heard Round the World”, and it’s definitely worth a read for anyone involved with Second Life and unions, charities or other non-profits.

Blog roundup

Here are some links to a couple of the blogs that have picked up on what we’re doing, and written about it so far:

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