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New art on Union Island

Our Union Island library building is nearly finished now, with information on the past, present and future of unions internationally. The latest and greatest thing there now though is a new work by Second Life artist Aiyas Aya, curator of the fantastic Node Zero gallery. The piece, called Digital Shard, really sets off the building’s light and airy by Matthaios Aquacade (of Citrus Virtual). Here’s a pic of Aiyas installing the piece for us himself – go check it out when you get a moment, and have a look at Aiyas’ work and that of 5 other great SL artists at Node Zero.

User Group update – aaaarghh!

Okay, maybe this is an April fool after all… We line up a meeting for 12 noon SLT, the exact time the Lindens start releasing the new Havoc version. And everything gets borked. No tps, logins, whatever, and definitely no user group meeting. If you make it in, good luck! I’ll sit out the problem if anyone wants to meet when it’s fixed. If not, thanks very much for trying to make it, and sorry for the c*ck up.

UPDATE 1pm SLT: Well, I’m back in now (sort of), and the tumbleweed is blowing through SL until everyone else can get in too. If you’re about still, have a go at logging in and come by for a bit. Sorry again though for the horrendous foul up (for once not my fault!)

No joke – it’s the User Group!

No, it’s not a poisson d’avril or an April fool – the second meeting of the Union Island User Group will be on Tuesday 1 April, in the bar on Union Island. Come join us from 8pm UK time (9pm Central Europe time or 12 noon Second Life time), to meet other SL unionists and have your say on how the Union Island project develops. Hope to see you there!

Report from the IBM demonstration

IBM protest

The protest against forced IBM outsourcing took place yesterday, after a global call by IWIS (IBM Workers International Solidarity), after many “real” initiatives in previous day in Italy, Spain, France against the forced outsourcing of employees from IBM to AT&T and Ricoh, without employment guarantees. You can read a full report of the event at the IBMslprotest blog.

Thanks for the party!

IBM protest

Greetings to everyone I met last night at the IBM protest, it was a great atmosphere, with a good mix of people – IBM staffers from around the world, and a number of friends and supporters – old SL friends and new. Read more »

IBM protest – the sequel! Join us this EVENING!

activist meeting at union island

When the problems become global…the protests become GLOBAL !

IBM employees and their unions are protesting this evening in Second Life, at plans to outsource thousands of jobs without proper consultation. It’s 6pm to 10pm CET (5pm-9pm GMT, 9am-1pm SLT).

Please join us, even if only for a while. Assembly is at Commonwealth island, or you’ll find stuff on union island (IBM protest kit with all you need to join in, free to use it!). Read more »

Bonus Monday at NWN

It must have been bonus Monday yesterday at the seminal SL blog New World Notes, with not one but two whole articles about real world company uses of Second Life.

NWN rounds up some of SL travel blogger Garth Goode’s reviews of IT companies’ presences in Second Life, from slick marketing promotions, through customer interaction spaces (albeit empty ones), to conducting business online first and foremost, he’s uncovered some interesting stories.

And there’s also an interesting video and write-up of the Spain-Vietnam Investment and Business Cooperation Forum, a mixed-reality expo event to promote Spanish technology and manufacturing in Vietnam’s growing business sector, and allow more people to interact with the event than can make it to Ho Chi Minh City.

My new T-shirt

Ms Q

Thanks to Ms Q for this nice snap of her wearing her Union Island t-shirt. We like them lots too, and would love to see more photos from other users wearing them around in Second Life. If you have one, please do take a photo and either upload and transfer it to Unionisland Republic, or email it to info(at) We’ll stick any we like onto a Hall of T-shirt Fame in our freebie store.

The virtual vote

New World Network’s Wagner James Au has a new article up at Huffington Post, called All Politics is Virtual. He’s drawing together evidence that a number of politicians may now see virtual worlds as good places to campaign, and that come the US election after next, this could be commonplace. He also cites last year’s IBM picket as evidence that people can come together to mobilise in a virtual world for change in the real world.

New project partners: RSU IBM Vimercate

Barillo Kohnke

We’re happy to announce another partner organisation have joined the Union Island project. Rappresentanza Sindacale Unitaria IBM Vimercate (or RSU IBM Vimercate to their friends) represent workers at IBM in Italy, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because they are something of Second Life union pioneers, having co-ordinated a very successful in-world protest in September 2007, as part of a campaign to resume suspended negotiations over a pay cut for IBM Italy staff. Read more »

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