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Virtueller Tag der Arbeit (Deutsch)

Am 1. Mai 2008 wird “Union Island” (die Gewerkschaftsinsel), ein innovatives Gewerkschaftsprojekt, lanciert, um für die UNI-Gewerkschaften und -Aktivisten/innen eine Gemeinschaft in der virtuellen Welt von Second Life™ zu schaffen. Lesen Sie weiter bei UNI News Flash

May Day past and present

We’re happy to announce we’re going to be joined for Union Island’ May 1 celebrations by members of the Second Life™ activist group Second Life Left Unity, who will be leading an exploration of the history and continuing relevance of May Day – International Workers’ Day. Come to a short presentation by SLLU’s Forelle Broek on the struggle for decent work and the eight-hour day and the infamous Chicago Haymarket incident, and how they still have echoes around the world to this day. Read more »

Celebra el Primero de Mayo en la nueva Union Island de Second Life (Español)

Union Island en Español: Comfia CCOO Webmaster blog

Events for May Day

We’ve nearly finalised our plans for the celebrations on May Day. You can see an up to the minute list from the Google calendar on our events page, but here’s a draft programme to whet your appetites: Read more »

Press release: Virtual May Day

22 April 08 – For immediate release

1 May 2008 sees the launch of Union Island, an innovative new trade union project to build a home for unions and activists in the virtual world Second Life™.

Union Island will open with a virtual May Day, a day of training, networking and celebration, to bring activists from the global union movement together in a way never before possible.

Events planned for the day include: Read more »

HR meets VR

UK personnel magazine People Management (the in-house journal of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) have a feature article this week about businesses using Second Life. They’re more than a little sceptical about the wonders of virtual reality (”There are some good examples of the use of SL, but generally we are dubious”, saysCIPD adviser Martyn Sloman), but they do list some interesting case studies on recruitment (less so on other possible areas such as team building, virtual conferencing and simulation), and they have some questions for HR on legal implications of pay and discrimination in virtual worlds. Check it out at

The how, where, when and why of Union Island

UNI Global Union have produced a handy pdf leaflet to explain the Union Island project, and how to use the Second Life™ virtual world to access it, in the run up to launch on 1 May. It’s a good outline if you’re new to Second Life, and you can download a copy here.

The Doctor is in…

Revenge of the JudoonQuick Reads book event – Terrance Dicks on Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon. Union Island, 13 May, 11am SLT (7pm GMT).

We’re very excited to be hosting a launch event for Terrance Dicks’ latest book in the Quick Reads series.

Quick Reads, is a UK publishing industry initiative, backed by the government, unions and the BBC, to help adults pick up the reading habit. It publishes short, exciting books by bestselling writers and celebrities for adults who are new to reading, have lost the reading habit, or who prefer a quick read. The books are priced low at £1.99 and distributed through new channels such as union adult-learning projects and supermarkets, to help them reach people who wouldn’t normally look for them in book shops.

Terrance has had a huge involvement in shaping the popular UK Sci-Fi series Doctor Who, as script writer on the TV series and author of many novels. Come and hear Terrance on his experiences writing Revenge of the Judoon, and over 60 other Doctor Who novels.

UNI invasion

UNI comms forum participants

What’s the collective noun for UNI Communications people? A solidarity of UNIs? Whatever it is, that’s what we just saw on Union Island as around 20 new avatars landed in from UNI Global Union’s Communicators’ Forum in South Africa. Read more »

Step into our world…

This is very interesting: IBM to host private Second Life regions(hat tip SLLU).

IBM are planning to host their own little Second Life as a corporate intranet. Previously all SL regions were held on Linden Lab servers, but for a company with sensitive internal information (and one wanting the world to actually work properly when their residents are on paid time), this could have been a bit of a stumbling block.

Soon though, IBM will be able to scale back its sprawling campus on SL, leaving it just for marketing and more public interaction, and bring the internal functions that they are pioneering back behind their own firewall. Read more »

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