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User Group report 6 May 08

Thanks to everyone who came along to Union Island for the User Group session, even if we didn’t all make it to the same place at the same time! ;) Read more »

User Group meeting tonight

Everyone’s welcome to the Union Island User Group meeting at 8pm GMT (12 noon SLT, 9pm CET) tonight, Tuesday 6 May. Read more »

May Day report

in reception

A bit late sorry, but here’s my report on our May Day celebrations in Second Life last week. Please do comment and let us know how it was for you too! Read more »

Happy May Day

May Day party

As May Day draws to a close on the GMT line in London, Union Island looks like a place that’s seen a party, with the stragglers heading off to bed, and debris to tidy up tomorrow. Many thanks to DJ Beta Bates, who gave us a great set for a great way to mark May Day 2008. Thanks too to all the people who came from more than a dozen countries – from the Western USA to Mongolia in the East and from South Africa to Norway – a very happy May Day to everyone.

SL unionists’ statement on Zimbabwe

We had a lot of people come through our bar today, and a hot topic was the situation for our colleagues in Zimbabwe, with people very much wanting to be able to do something positive from our virtual gathering. Lev Winykow from South Africa and Wotcher Tenk discussed a possible statement that all we unionists from so many countries could agree to sign up to, and we put it out to be approved. Here’s the statement. Virtual worlds may be very far from people’s minds in Zimbabwe right now, but they are definitely in the minds of unionists from all over the globe. Read more »

May Day in the news

A nice bunch of mentions in the blogosphere about us. Here are some of the sites and blogs talking about Virtual May Day. Read more »

May Day morning


A great May Day morning in Second Life. We’ve had visitors from all over the world – from the West of the USA to the East of Mongolia, taking in Russia, South Africa, Belgium, Spain and many more. Sessions this morning included Platoon Dukes from ver.di, discussing their campaign for a German minimum wage, a pretty chaotic 101 building class, which left prim debris strewn across the sandbox, and holding it all together, our capable bar-keep Wotcher Tenk of New Unionism Network, on hand to dispense wit and wisdom, and help network people from behind the bar. Read more »

Hanging the bunting…


Things starting to come together for May Day’s celebrations on Union Island. Start dusting off your glad-rags and big flags. Can you be most fashionably attired unionist;)

Virtuellt 1:a majfirande (Sverige)

På 1:a maj 2008 lanseras en ny facklig ö – Union Island – i den virtuella världen Second Life™. Det är ett nytt innovativt fackligt projekt i syfte att bygga ett hem för UNIs medlemsförbund och fackligt aktiva på Second Life. UNI News Flash

1er mai virtuel (Français)

Pour le 1er mai 2008, nous lançons Union Island (l’île syndicale), un projet novateur visant à créer une maison pour les syndicats et les militants d’UNI dans le monde virtuel de Second Life™. UNI News Flash

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