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The bridges of Union County

Some pretty suspension bridges are new in our virtual building site, and things are really starting to look nice. Different functions for the island will be set in their own areas, and dedicated buildings are being made to make the most of the different type of interactions that will be going on in each.


Taking shape

Union Island is now starting to look a bit more like home! Matthaios Aquacade from in-world solution provider Citrus Virtual is helping us to terraform the island and design and build the buildings and features. So far Matthaios has been busy shaping the terrain and laying out foundations. We’ll show you more of the build [...]


Join our gang!

If you’d like to be first with the news on Union Island, log in to Second Life and join the group Union Island User Group.


First look

Not a lot to see at the moment, but Union Island does actually (virtually) exist now. It’s closed to the public whilst we’re building (hey, building sites are dangerous – we wouldn’t want to drop a pile of virtual bricks on anyone!)


Talk to us

What would you like to see from unions in Second Life? It could be events, campaigns, training, networking opportunities, or any of a hundred other activities.
If this project is to work, it will need to tap into the creativity and enthusiasm of Second Life residents and international union activists. Luckily those are two pretty resourceful [...]


Hello world!

Welcome to “yet another WordPress blog”. This is our first post.
This is a blog to keep track of an international union project aimed at creating a home for the labour movement in virtual world Second Life.
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