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New communities, new opportunities

Another great video from Draxtor Despres in his Public Good Challenge series. University of Southern California have been exploring how virtual worlds can build new forms of community both on- and offline, and how the new networks open up new possibilities for promoting the public good. Their challenge to the SL community to come up [...]


Homo Sapiens V2.0

“The Rings: Homo Sapiens V2.0″ is a virtual protest-rock-opera, currently being staged in Second Life. I went to check it out on Friday, and left suitably impressed by the huge amount of work that has obviously gone into this project. Musicians, builders and performers from all over the world have come together under the banner [...]


SL NGOs – the ‘how to’ guide

Rik Riel (Rik Panganiban) is a longstanding resident and SL commentator who also works with the Global Kids digital media project. He’s just published a report on his experiences and research into NGOs using Second Life, and how they can make the most of the environment to further their missions. You can download it via [...]


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