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Hanging the bunting…

Things starting to come together for May Day’s celebrations on Union Island. Start dusting off your glad-rags and big flags. Can you be most fashionably attired unionist? 


My new T-shirt

Thanks to Ms Q for this nice snap of her wearing her Union Island t-shirt. We like them lots too, and would love to see more photos from other users wearing them around in Second Life. If you have one, please do take a photo and either upload and transfer it to Unionisland Republic, or [...]


Free Osanloo! Today!

Today (6 March) is the international day of action to support Mansour Osanloo – have a look at to get involved. Union Island had a visitation from the crew to show their support. is an interesting project, based in Germany, using 5 publicly shared avatars to explore what happens when many people [...]


Only here for the beer

Virtual beer in our virtual bar, courtesy of the Workers’ Beer Company, a UK union company which raises funds for union projects. WBC organise beer tents at big music festivals such as Glastonbury, and recruit hundreds of volunteers to work there in exchange for a free event pass, earning thousands of pounds for union causes [...]


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