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Dress codes for virtual workers

We’re having enough controversy with RL dress codes after a motion to the TUC’s conference called on employers to stop mandating their female staff to wear high heels, even if it might cause them health concerns. But it seems that could be pretty tame now compared to virtual world avatar dress codes!
IT analysts Gartner have [...]


Union Island comes to the TUC

It’s the UK union movement’s annual convention this week, in Brighton on the UK’s south coast. TUC Congress is the policy making body for the Trade Union Congress, and sets the priorities for the union movement’s work over the coming year.
This year, there’s a focus on online organising, with a fringe meeting on Web 2.0 [...]


The final frontier?

Nice article from Union Island partner union Unison, who have written a round-up of new web techniques being used by unions around the UK and in other countries. You can read “Cyberspace – the final frontier” at the Unison site here.
Also for our Japanese readers, here’s an article on our Tanabata action from Japanese SL [...]


May Day in the news

A nice bunch of mentions in the blogosphere about us. Here are some of the sites and blogs talking about Virtual May Day.


Blog roundup

Here are some links to a couple of the blogs that have picked up on what we’re doing, and written about it so far:

International Unions Organize in Second Life: New World Notes – one of the most established and interesting blogs on Second Life (definitely a recommended read!)
Unions plan their own place in the virtual [...]


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