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2008 saw the first LabourStart Labour Photo of the Year Contest.

This was a judged and voted competition.

First, photos entered in the contest were posted on Flickr.  A panel of three distinguished trade union photographers then whittled it down from 101 entries to 5 finalists.

The winners were then selected by a vote open to anyone on the LabourStart mailing list. Almost 3,000 LabourStart readers from around the world voted on the site and judged the photo “Trade Unions are Fun!” taken by Robert Day from the UK the winner

All the finalists photos plus a selection of entries are being exhibited on union island, you can view even more entries at the Flickr competition website

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Do something monumental! Tue, 04 Mar 2008 11:21:56 +0000 Uniglobalunion Oh monument

Contest to design a new part of Union Island!

In late September 2007, around 1,850 avatars converged on IBM campus sims to mount a 12 hour protest. IBM Italy had cut a performce bonus worth 1000 Euro to staff, and refused to negotiate on it. The Second Life protest was reported all over SL and the web, and coupled with the threat of real world strikes to follow, IBM Italy agreed to go back to negotation with the union, and gave the workers back their pay.

This was only one more union campaign of the type that are going on every day around the globe, but the significance of Second Life in the dispute was something totally new. Labor historically has been fond of monuments to our great victories (and some of the defeats), so we thought it would be fun to have a moderm monument to a modern event. Can you use SL building tools and your own imagination to help make something which will tell people the story?
This is an open contest to anyone in SL to come up with a monument design to be located on Union Island. The contest is open until 31 May 2008, and an exhibition of a shortlist of entries will be held over the summer, with users voting for their favourite. The prize is 25,000 Linden Dollars. So get designing!

Click the monument currently on the small island north-west of Union Plaza for more info or resources, or instant message Uniglobalunion Oh, and we’ll transfer it to you.

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