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Second Life Human Rights Festival: Coming soon!


Union Island is going to be taking part in a huge, six day cross-SL festival to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of Second Life’s leading musicians are coming together with human rights activists and organisations to stage dozens of special events, raising awareness, forming international links and having fun.

Please come by Union Island on 15 December at 8am SLT (4pm GMT, 5pm CET), when we’ll be discussing labour rights and human rights, with Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, Zuzanna Gorska, socio-political issues expert for Solidarnosc (The Polish union federation Solidarity), and other unionists from around the world. From the adverse effects of globalisation to state repression of basic freedoms that many take for granted, there are a whole raft of issues where strong international action by unions and grassroots groups can make a real difference.

You can find out more about the festival and how to get involved at its own site:

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