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World Day for Decent Work events – 7 Oct

WDDW is tomorrow, and we’ve lined up a programme of events to mark the day (we’re still tieing down details of a couple of events, but here are some to be starting with):

At 12:00 GMT (4am SLT), we’re talking with Meena Varma of Dalit Solidarity Network. She’ll beĀ  telling about the situation for the world’s ‘casteless’ people, and how discrimination in employment perpetuates the injustice of ‘untouchability’.

At 13:00 GMT (5am SLT), Dave Tucker of War on Want will be talking to our Union Island User Group meeting about decent work and poverty, and how NGOs and union need to focus their campaigning.

At 14:00 GMT (6am SLT), UNI Global Union staff and supporters will be taking the message of World Day for Decent Work out to Second Life. Take a trip with them and meet unionists from all around the world.

And don’t forget to visit to get listings of real world events in your country. Things are happening all over the place tomorrow, in SL and RL, so make sure to be a part of it. See you there!

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