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World Day for Decent Work takes shape

Come along to Union Island to pick up your World Day for Decent Work freebies, to get kitted out for the big day. You’ll find the new World Day for Decent Work space, where we’ll be holding events on 7 October, in Exhibition Plaza.


Can you help us for Decent Work Day?

Looking for helpers for October 7th, World Day for Decent Work
UNI, together with the international labour movement are running an Action Day for Decent Work on October 7th.
Half of the world’s 2.8 billion workers live on less than 2 USD a day. People should have the right to bargain for wages and working conditions!
We will [...]


Union Island comes to the TUC

It’s the UK union movement’s annual convention this week, in Brighton on the UK’s south coast. TUC Congress is the policy making body for the Trade Union Congress, and sets the priorities for the union movement’s work over the coming year.
This year, there’s a focus on online organising, with a fringe meeting on Web 2.0 [...]


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