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Thanks for the wishes

Thanks everyone who signed the Tanabata wish campaign action we’ve had running on Union Island up to the G8 summit in Hokkaido Japan last week. We’ve now removed it from the island as the petition has been presented to G8 leaders.

In all, over a million people signed the action, on the web, in RL and through SL. GCAAP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty – the coalition group who organised the campaign, and who include many union organisations under their umbrella) presented the wishes to world leaders, and also took out an advert in the International Financial Times to make sure they knew people knew about it. You can see the advert on the blog here.

GCAAP also have a news release here about the lacklustre results of the summit, where although the commitment to their 2015 poverty targets was reiterated, there was little in the way of concrete funding or action to actually meet them.

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