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Teeny tiny Tanabata

Tanabata miniDo you have some land in SL? A little place you call your own, that could do with a pot plant to brighten it up? Well, help is at hand in the form of our new baby Tanabata tree. This dinky little potted bamboo is part of a Japanese tradition practiced every July, where people tie up their wishes for the year ahead.

This year the festival of Tanabata coincides with Japan hosting the G8, so this tree is a campaign action. As more people sign the Global Call to Action Against Poverty’s wish petition, their wishes will be beamed by the magic of XML (scripted by QA Computing’s prodigiously talented David Boelke) onto your Tanabata tree.

Please take one from Union Island (you can’t miss it – under the giant Tanabata we have), and stick it in your own home. If you know anyone or any groups that would like one too, it’s free, so please feel free to circulate as much as you like, and help spread the message of the campaign, so we get a great result to send to the Japanese Prime Minister at the start of the G8 summit.

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