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User Group report 6 May 08

Thanks to everyone who came along to Union Island for the User Group session, even if we didn’t all make it to the same place at the same time! ;)

We had 6 people attending over the course of the evening, and some interesting perspectives from around the movement, and from the US, UK and Switzerland. A good practical suggestion was that we set aside time more often for people to meet informally in the bar, without an agenda or any expectation like at a User Group meeting – just a time that people know they can meet other virtual world engaged unionists. This is a great idea, and one we’ll hopefully be able to work on soon.

Some of us also discussed the implications of organising and campaigning in a 3rd party owned environment like Second Life. Whilst providers like Linden Lab, Facebook and their ilk are user-neutral, and welcome people using their services for pretty much any purpose, there are issues about how much capacity they have within a commercial customer services framework to evaluate some of the shades of grey issues in moderating campaigning and direct action. Linden Lab have partially clarified their terms and conditions that are concerning some activists, but it doesn’t rule out incidents in SL like Facebook’s Blackadder Affair earlier this year.

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