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Take action against poverty and inequality

In July, leaders of eight of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nations – the G8 – will meet in Hokkaido, Japan for their annual meeting.

Trade unions and other civil society organisations around the world are calling on these leaders to take urgent action to meet their promises, and do far more, to fight poverty and inequality.

Every year on July 7, the people of Japan celebrate Tanabata by making their wishes for the coming year, and tying them to a bamboo tree. This year, people across the globe are invited to make their wish for immediate action from the G8 on workers rights, education, health and HIV/AIDS, climate change and international aid.

Your wish, along with millions of others will be handed to the Japanese Prime Minister on July 6, the day before the meetings begin. Join the growing Global Call to Action Against Poverty, as civil society everywhere calls for change, and an end to the injustices of poverty and inequality.

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