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The Doctor is in…

Revenge of the JudoonQuick Reads book event – Terrance Dicks on Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon. Union Island, 13 May, 11am SLT (7pm GMT).

We’re very excited to be hosting a launch event for Terrance Dicks’ latest book in the Quick Reads series.

Quick Reads, is a UK publishing industry initiative, backed by the government, unions and the BBC, to help adults pick up the reading habit. It publishes short, exciting books by bestselling writers and celebrities for adults who are new to reading, have lost the reading habit, or who prefer a quick read. The books are priced low at £1.99 and distributed through new channels such as union adult-learning projects and supermarkets, to help them reach people who wouldn’t normally look for them in book shops.

Terrance has had a huge involvement in shaping the popular UK Sci-Fi series Doctor Who, as script writer on the TV series and author of many novels. Come and hear Terrance on his experiences writing Revenge of the Judoon, and over 60 other Doctor Who novels.

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