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The Doctor is in…

Quick Reads book event – Terrance Dicks on Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon. Union Island, 13 May, 11am SLT (7pm GMT).
We’re very excited to be hosting a launch event for Terrance Dicks’ latest book in the Quick Reads series.
Quick Reads, is a UK publishing industry initiative, backed by the government, unions and the BBC, [...]


UNI invasion

What’s the collective noun for UNI Communications people? A solidarity of UNIs? Whatever it is, that’s what we just saw on Union Island as around 20 new avatars landed in from UNI Global Union’s Communicators’ Forum in South Africa.


Step into our world…

This is very interesting: IBM to host private Second Life regions – (hat tip SLLU).
IBM are planning to host their own little Second Life as a corporate intranet. Previously all SL regions were held on Linden Lab servers, but for a company with sensitive internal information (and one wanting the world to actually work properly [...]


New art on Union Island

Our Union Island library building is nearly finished now, with information on the past, present and future of unions internationally. The latest and greatest thing there now though is a new work by Second Life artist Aiyas Aya, curator of the fantastic Node Zero gallery. The piece, called Digital Shard, really sets off the building’s [...]


User Group update – aaaarghh!

Okay, maybe this is an April fool after all… We line up a meeting for 12 noon SLT, the exact time the Lindens start releasing the new Havoc version. And everything gets borked. No tps, logins, whatever, and definitely no user group meeting. If you make it in, good luck! I’ll sit out the [...]


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