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Talking unionbusting

audience listening to unionbusting discussion

Thanks to everyone who dropped by for our first event, a discussion on union busting with Paul Nowak of the TUC and Stewart Acuff of the AFL-CIO. Here’s a snap of avatars in our Union Island bar, listening to Paul Nowak discussing what practical steps the TUC and AFLCIO are doing to combat unionbusting, and especially the way that US unionbusting companies are increasingly crossing the pond to work for UK employers.

You can find more background on this at the TUC site, where you’ll find links (bottom of the page) to a specially commissioned report into unionbusting, and a protocol for joint working between US and UK unions.

Here’s a write-up from UK union blog “John’s Labour Blog”, including his thoughts on coming new to Second Life, and his first go at demonstrating in a new medium! Though sorry John, but you miss out on the title of first union protest in SL ;)

Apologies to those who came late and said they’d had problems making it for 6pm GMT. We’re going to have to look at how we organise timings better in future. We need to balance leisure hours (later evenings) in whichever country will be most interested in an event with the opportunity for other time zones to engage. Any thoughts you have on this would be really useful, thanks – leave us a comment or IM Unionisland Republic.

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