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Free Osanloo!

Osanloo campaign items

The ITF are planning an international day of action on March 6th, to campaign for the release of jailed Tehran bus workers union leader Mansour Osanloo.

In October 2007 Osanloo was sentenced to five years in prison on trumped up charges of endangering Iran’s national security and criticising the regime. However, the real reason that he has been targeted is as a member of a free trade union not controlled by the government. In fact, since the union was formed in June 2005, he has been arrested three times and spent more time in the notorious Evin Prison than out. His friends and family have serious worries about his health, and it’s urgent that he’s let out immediately to recuperate.

Get ready for the campaign with a badge or shirt. Hundreds of unionists worldwide are already wearing the badges, and posting their images to flickr. Now your avatar can get in on the act too.

You can find both of these at Union Island (slURL), in the freebie store.

Get more information on the campaign and take important online actions now at

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