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What is Second Life?

Second Life is an interactive 3D environment that users explore through their internet-connected computer. Millions of people around the world (as well as thousands of companies and organisations) use it to chat, network, create, conduct business or play games.
If you’re new to all this, Second Life’s creators, Linden Lab, have a helpful definition of [...]


Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about the project? Contact us with them, and we’ll try our best to answer. Any we reckon are useful for more users, we’ll add to our FAQ section, to help satisfy everyone’s curiosity!


A walk in the park

Trees and walkways going in now. Makes the stroll up the hill to the library look very pleasant. The idea is to make an environment that is easy to get around for people new to SL, but also natural and enjoyable to walk through – heightening the sense of being there.


Your workplace in 5 years…

Interesting reports of a report from Forrester Research. They’ve looked five years into the future and reckon that virtual worlds will be a natural environment for real everyday work for many people.
Despite the difficulties in using current technologies (SL included), they see virtual worlds as a pretty much inevitable development:


The bridges of Union County

Some pretty suspension bridges are new in our virtual building site, and things are really starting to look nice. Different functions for the island will be set in their own areas, and dedicated buildings are being made to make the most of the different type of interactions that will be going on in each.


Taking shape

Union Island is now starting to look a bit more like home! Matthaios Aquacade from in-world solution provider Citrus Virtual is helping us to terraform the island and design and build the buildings and features. So far Matthaios has been busy shaping the terrain and laying out foundations. We’ll show you more of the build [...]


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