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Here is the news…

Okay, this looks a little like a departure lounge, but it’s actually the place where Union Island and this blog meet. Using the magic of RSS, we can send details of the latest upcoming events and news from this blog onto the big screens in the reception building on the Island. We want to [...]


SL NGOs – the ‘how to’ guide

Rik Riel (Rik Panganiban) is a longstanding resident and SL commentator who also works with the Global Kids digital media project. He’s just published a report on his experiences and research into NGOs using Second Life, and how they can make the most of the environment to further their missions. You can download it via [...]

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User Group first meeting announced

We’ve scheduled a date for the first meeting of the Union Island User Group. It’ll be 4 March 2008. We’re holding two, one at 9am GMT and one at 7pm GMT so that we can have more convenient timings for a greater number of people around the world – just drop in to whichever suits [...]


Now we have a theatre…

Here’s our new training and presentation building, just being put together. Hopefully small enough to be comfy, but big enough to avoid the headache of camera angles when you’re trying to pay attention.


Who owns Union Island?

Union Island is managed by a loose coalition of organisations representing unions around the world. We think it’s better to build one core community for trades unionists, rather than have them scattered amongst different sites for different organisations – it will make for a better networking experience for our users and help us to learn [...]


Why set up a dedicated island for unionists?

Virtual worlds are new to most unions, and setting up facilities in an environment like Second Life has costs, both financial and in terms of the learning needed to run them. By coming together in one place, we can share the costs and overcome the knowledge barriers, providing easy access to ready-made shared facilities for [...]


Why Second Life?

Unions are first and foremost about people. In many countries, unions are the largest form of voluntary organisation, and there are hundreds of millions of union members worldwide, with millions of people taking on voluntary activist roles in their own union.
Individual trade unionists stand to gain a lot from online networking, both in their own [...]


What is Union Island?

Union Island is a place in the virtual world Second Life (, intended to be a virtual home for all trades unionists around the world.
Union Island is a virtual island (yes, surrounded by virtual water). It has virtual buildings – facilities for users to share events, campaigns, discussions, training and much more.
Union Island will be [...]


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